Judge Cobbs

Cynthia Y. Cobbs

CRCC Endorses Cobbs!

Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters makes endorsements in Cook County judicial races The Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters has announced its endorsements in judicial races for the upcoming primary. Here is a list of the Carpenters’ endorsements: click here to view on their website.  […]

Judge Cobbs Votes Early On March 3, 2014

Judge Cynthia Y. Cobbs Pushes Early Voting & Votes Early Monday, March 3, 2014 at All Nations Assembly. Early Voting March 3-March 15. Election Day is March 18, 2014. Punch 151 For Judge Cobbs.   Click Here To Download Our […]

Endorsement Judge Cynthia Y. Cobbs Chicago Tribune: Editorial Board

Cynthia Cobbs   Democrat candidate for Cook County Circuit, McDonald vacancy Responses to our questionnaire Illinois is struggling to balance its budget this year and may face a $12 billion deficit in 2010-11. Please answer the following questions: Q: Please submit […]