Judge Cobbs

Letter to Citizens



My name is Cynthia Cobbs.  I currently serve as a Cook County Circuit Court Judge, assigned to the First Municipal Division in the Daley Center. I was appointed to serve as a judge in September 2011 by the Illinois Supreme Court. Prior to being appointed to the bench, I was the first woman and the first African American to be appointed by the high court to serve as the state courts administrator.

To serve as a judge is one of the highest forms of public service.  As a judge, I am mindful that the courtroom in which I work is not mine… it is the People’s.  This belief underscores my personal commitment to serve effectively and with integrity. Each and every person who appears before me, regardless of their personal circumstance, is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity. Fairness, impartiality, and transparency are critical, not only to ensuring confidence and trust in our courts, but also in maintaining the legitimacy of our legal system.

The citizens of Cook County deserve to have judges who are qualified to serve and who will rule fairly, based upon a fair hearing of the facts and a correct application of the law. I am pleased to be able to share that every bar group that has reviewed my qualifications and my performance as a judge has rated me favorably.

The Chicago Council of Lawyers notes: “Judge Cobbs is considered to have good legal ability and…good judicial temperament.  She is praised for her courtroom management skills. She explains her rulings to the parties and is considered to be knowledgeable, as well as patient with pro se litigants.”

I am honored and humbled to be one of more than 400 judges serving the citizens of Cook County. Your vote will help ensure my continued judicial service.   I invite you to review my qualifications. Visit my website at www.JudgeCobbs.com, and I hope that on March 18, I can count on you to punch 151.


With gratitude,


Judge Cynthia Y. Cobbs